Gratitude journal 2023/11/14

From today, I will write Gratitude journal in English.
There are some reasons, but I don`t write them today.

Before starting Gratitude journal, I want to confirm the benefit of it.

Benefit of Gratitude journal

Improve your mood

Alleviate anxiety and stress

Enhance satisfaction and joy

Deepen your understanding of life

Improve relationships

Increase overall happiness and life satisfaction

Cultivate positive feelings

Reduce materialism and enhance generosity


Thanks for delivering Amazon purchaces

I bought beautiful clock and steal rack at Amazon store yesterday.
After lunch time, I could get them in front of the door.
Then, I felt good and had emotion to appreciate to Amazon deliver because he or she worked for me.
Thanks and see you someday.

Thanks for checking my mail

I wrote invitation mail to enterprise units in the job.
Before sending mail, my boss checked my mai reading and mail list.
I could rewrite and send correctly thanks for my boss checking.

Thanks for giving Celonis training

One of my jobs includes Celonis training, so I learned Celonis tool in the Academy.
I wanted to have global job and have connection with global company like Celonis.
My old boss told me that I don’t have enough skills and capability.
I agreed the statement and I needed to have some training like Celonis Academy.
Thanks for giving good opportunity.
I will do best and become MVP of Celonis training.